Fair Highlights

Smart automation systems – modular & web-based: At upcoming trade fairs we will present innovations that will make your applications ready for networked production 4.0.

Among the highlights are the ETT ModularWide panels, the LASAL VISUDesigner for demanding visualizations according to the latest web standards, optional rotary encoders for the mobile wireless panel HGW 1033, the Remote Access Platform with associated app for secure and versatile remote maintenance options and the slim S-DIAS series with the new addition SR 011 DC motor module.

The ETT ModularWide panels offer maximum flexibility, intuitive operation and a great deal of clarity. The multi-touch HMIs can optionally be equipped with a CPU or HMI Link unit. The ETTs are available in five display sizes from 10.1" to 21.5".

The LASAL VISUDesigner is based on current web standards such as HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript. Visualizations can be created easily and flexibly without any programming knowledge. Thanks to an optimized browser, they also run smoothly on less powerful hardware.

The wireless HGW family is growing and offers a wide range of variants for flexible operation of machines and systems. With or without Safety functions, with or without rotary encoders at the front, in portrait or landscape format – with our mobile panels you are equipped for every situation.

Wireless and secure around the machine with the HGW 1033-3. The mobile operating panel is equipped with the Safety elements emergency stop, confirmation button and key switch. The safety-relevant data is transmitted via the standard WLAN using the Black Channel principle.

Remote Access offers a wide range of remote access options. The machine and system visualization can be operated via VNC. Updates, debugging, maintenance, monitoring and reporting can be conveniently performed via a secure VPN connection in the central cloud platform – with the app "SIGMATEK - Remote Access" even via smartphone or tablet.

The compact SR 011 expands the S-DIAS motion series with a motor module for precise control and regulation of DC brush motors. Various operating modes are supported and regulation via feedback is also possible. The SR 011 can be used for simple positioning tasks, like adjusting and infeed drives.