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Stephen Graham, Executive Vice President and General Manager, Nexus, Hexagon, introduces us to the 4 building blocks of the industrial metaverse, highlighting some of the key issues.


Southco Securing the EV: Charging and Grid Battery Storage Infrastructure

EV charging stations are being installed in many locations, including parking lots and garages, and renewable wind and solar power systems are driving the growth of industrial-sized grid battery storage systems to capture excess energy and make it available in off-hours.

Vaisala News

GMP system ensures drug manufacturers' peace of mind

APL, a Swedish drug manufacturer, installed Vaisala's viewLinc Continuous Monitoring system at its manufacturing plant, praised for its reliability and peace of mind.

Rotair News

Rotair: Laying the Foundations for the Digital Future

Fibre Fever and the Role of Compressed Air in Meeting Demands for Next Generation Access, Fibre Optic Cable based High-Speed Data.

TDK News

TDK: Wire Bondable NTC temperature sensor

The NTCWS series can be mounted by wire bonding, achieving small size, high accuracy and unquestionable reliability.


Four ways to make your vacuum system more efficient

With energy prices surging across Europe, efficiency has become a high priority for all manufacturing and process plants using vacuum handling systems. Fortunately, based on decades of experience and know-how, SMC can outline four simple ways that you can reduce the energy consumption of your vacuum system. Using less energy per lift/transfer will provide a direct contribution to your bottom-line profitability while simultaneously supporting industry’s drive to net-zero carbon emissions.

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