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This is your complete and comprehensive guide to offline robot programming (OLP). After introducing the topic, it addresses common misconceptions, the problems it resolves, benefits, and real-life examples of its successful implementation.


Who Moved My Chips? Adapting to the Global Chip Crisis

While the worst of the chip crisis appears to be over, the situation is not yet normal and supply constraints are expected to last till end 2024 - By Milton D'Silva.


Technology Updates That Drive Machine Tool Innovation

K.A. Gerardino explains how Developments in machine tool technology and innovation-driven by high demand are driving the machine tool industry forward at a rapid pace. .


Machine Vision and the End of Manual Visual Inspection

Computer or machine vision today has succeeded to a large extent in the attempt to mimic the human eye. Has machine vision replicated the ability of the human eye with all its complexities? Is this the end of the manual inspection? These are questions that cannot be answered with a simple ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ - By Milton D'Silva.


What Lies Ahead for AI and Machine Learning

The advent of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been a key game-changer across many industries. The leading approach to AI is machine learning, in which programs are trained to pick out and respond to patterns in large amounts of data. - By K.A. Gerardino.


Beyond Silicon – What Will Replace the Wonder Material?

Milton D'Silva talks about the present state of the silicon-based chips industry and the status of non silicon alternatives for semiconductors in future.


Automatization in the Food Industry: An answer to labour shortage?

The food industry is a big business. However, the lack of staff availability makes it next to impossible to take advantage of the opportunities that exist. There are even companies with orders and potential orders sitting on the table, as well as available factory space for additional lines and/or equipment - By K.A. Gerardino.


The Evolution of Internet of Things

How the Internet of Things (IoT) is helping change the consumer, commercial, and industrial world to become more efficient - By Milton D'Silva.


3d printing: where are we at with this revolution of the manufacturing industry

Next to industrial and digital revolutions, 3D printing is another technology changing the world. It is an ultramodern manufacturing technique that can be found almost everywhere and not just as tooling in factory settings. By K.A. Gerardino.


Digitalization in the railway industry

Public transport has changed a great deal within the past ten years, with urban mobility undergoing a huge transformation. Digitalization and innovation have been behind many of the exciting changes to the ways in which we live and move. As digital evolution moves quickly, each new development puts us closer to the human-centred approach that the sector must remain focused on - By K.A. Gerardino.

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