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A new Technical Manager at NORD Drivesystems

A new Technical Manager at NORD Drivesystems
With Jürgen Jendryschik, who holds an engineering degree and has been in charge of the Technical Sector since the beginning of the year, NORD Drivesystems has added a new member to its management team. At the same time, after a transitional phase, the Company founder and Manager, G. A. Küchenmeister, is ceasing to participate actively in Company affairs now that he has reached retirement age. This means that in future, NORD will be managed by a steering committee made up of five managers, including the current members: Jutta Humbert, Ullrich Küchenmeister, Peter Dittmers and Jens Paulsen. Mr Jendryschik previously worked with a large German manufacturer of frequency converters. As the strategic thinker in the Company, dealing with all aspects of technical development, he will be furthering NORD's well-known strengths in the field of mechanical drive systems, while also focusing on the electronics side. NORD Drivesystems has been producing its own electronic drive technology since 1984, and here too, it has become one of the leading manufacturers in certain product segments over that period. This is the case, for example, for products such as local frequency converters, which provide high levels of functional flexibility such as variable bus couplings to meet strong market demand. Mr Jendryschik will build on this type of successful products and further develop the range accordingly.

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