The new generation of the DYNACIAT POWER chilled water production unit and water-to-water heat pump provides the optimal solution for all office, health, industry, administration and commerce cooling or heating applications. Its energy performance is remarkable in relation to a traditional chilled water unit, with an ESEER up to 6.17, which meets the strictest specifications for increased energy efficiency. Particularly compact, this equipment is designed to be installed inside a technical room, developing a power of up to 200 kW par m² on the ground.

DYNACIAT POWER is available in chilled water or a water-to-water heat pump version. There are 11 different sizes available, with cooling power from 220 to 750 kW and a heating capacity from 250 to 800 kW. The water temperature limit values both in cooling mode and in heating mode have been extended to satisfy a wide choice of applications. The equipment thus produces a chilled water output temperature that can vary between -12 °C and +18 °C and a hot water output temperature up to +55 °C.

The energy performance of the DYNACIAT POWER range is first of all obtained by optimizing compressor use. Thanks to the parallel assembly of the compressors on the same cooling circuit, DYNACIAT POWER simply and efficiently adapts its power to real requirements. According to the size of the installation, 4 to 6 hermetic Scroll compressors are installed in parallel on two independent cooling circuits. The self-adapting function of CONNECT 2 control system anticipates the load variations and only starts up the necessary number of compressors. The supplied power is therefore adapted to the actual requirement. Then, the use of brazed plate heat exchangers and R410A coolant make it possible to best optimize the energy efficiency.

Thanks to the brazed plate heat exchangers, and the Scroll compressors DYNACIAT POWER is highly compact. With one standard width of 996 mm and a maximum height of 1887 mm, the DYNACIAT POWER can pass through a standard door, which facilitates its integration in all technical rooms, thus making it the ideal product for renovation projects.

DYNACIAT POWER is available in 3 acoustic versions (Standard, Low Noise and Xtra Low Noise) making it possible to meet all sound level constraints, whatever the application. With the Xtra Low Noise version, the machine sound power level may be progressively reduced by 10 dB(A) in relation to a standard machine.

The CONNECT 2 control system takes into account the specific requirements of each installation and manages the set points remotely for more comfort and energy efficiency. It also enables DYNACIAT POWER to remotely communicate with all types of BMS. The “master-slave” function optimizes the management of two machines in parallel.

DYNACIAT POWER is also easy to install. Integration of the dual circuit brazed plate heat exchangers simplifies hydraulic connections during installation and maintenance operations through its design, allowing rapid access to all components.

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