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8D (38999 Series III) with Clinch nut

The Souriau 8D connector with integrated clinch nut allows easy fitting of aluminum sockets to electronic control boxes. It speeds up Series III connector fitting times, whilst at the same time reducing the number of fixing accessories (bolts, washers etc.) needed. It is particularly suited to boxes with difficult access and requiring maintenance, in an aeronautical or military environment.

8D (38999 Series III) with Clinch nut
Square sockets are traditionally held in place with screws and nuts (fig a), possibly with an anodised aluminum backplate fitted to the rear (fig b). Fitting them in this way can prove tedious where access is difficult, and can take a great deal of time. The integral clinch nut connector (fig c) can thus speed up fitting times, at the same time reducing the number of fixing accessories (bolts, washers etc.) needed. This can also reduce the risk of unwanted accessories being left unintentionally in the box if dropped accidentally.

Souriau has been able to demonstrate that its M3 or UNC4.40 clinch nuts, when fitted to the Series III flanges, can withstand an axial force of more than 130 Newtons. Torque resistance tests have also shown that the clinch nut will remain in position on the flange even when 1.5 N/m of torque is applied via an end screw.

The connector’s nickel flange, when fitted with these clinch nuts, can withstand a 48 hours salt fog in accordance with the MIL-DTL-38999 standard applicable to this type of aeronautical connector.

This type of fixing is approved for the nine series III aluminium sizes, which means that the whole of our Series III platform can be used (more than 90 layouts currently available).

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