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The SOURIAU High Density (HD) range

Derived from the AerioMil MIL-DTL-38999 and VG96912 standards, Souriau’s HD range, based on a standard design, was specially developed to withstand the harshest operating environments (shock, vibration, high temperature etc.). By doubling the number of contacts for each size of connector, Souriau HD is the response to the increasingly stringent demands of weight and size reduction.

The SOURIAU High Density (HD) range
Souriau HD is available in each of the following ranges: 8LT (38999 SI), 8D (38999 SIII), 8ST (VG96912) & 8STA (range dedicated to motorsport applications) under several different protection types specific to each product range. In its HD version, a standard size 9 with its 6 #22D contact connector will have 12 #26 contacts, or a size 11 connector will have 26 #26 contacts instead of 13 #22D contacts.
The HD range uses standard qualified and tested mechanical components: plug, socket, jam nut.The same is true for the inserts, which use the same materials as the ones implemented in the MIL-DTL-38999 already, with for instance the contacts being retained by metal clips.

The #26 (3 Amp) male and female contact remains the same irrespective of product range, which means the same tools can be used for installation. Standard admissible cable gauges are from #26 to #28. #24 cables may also be used (under request).

In addition to all of this, Souriau can offer a full 3D CAD (Format step) modelling package, customer plans, and technical expertise so that the connectors can be optimally integrated into customer applications/systems.

The Souriau High Density range is therefore a robust, high-performance solution
recommended for all applications where optimal weight saving and/or miniaturisation are a must.

SOURIAU Product Contact:
Yann Blavette
Phone: +33 2 43 54 34 60
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