Functional safety with Dunkermotoren

Just a few decades ago, fast-rotating saws without contact protection or transport of goods according to the principle "mass has right of way" were common. Today, working even alongside power-packed cobots or gigantic driverless transport systems is safer than with a capricious stapler.

Functional safety with Dunkermotoren

The reason for this is functional safety, which systematically helps to avoid dangers with many standards. In the future, Dunkermotoren in the 20...3900 W range will also be available with functional safety, thus contributing to safer products. All motors and external controllers with dPro functionality can be fully integrated with STO (Safe Torque Off). In combination with Industrial Ethernet, STO becomes standard, while retaining the same size.

Where energy-hungry and space-consuming mechanical relays are currently still used, fully integrated electronic circuits in Dunkermotoren ensure that motors are switched reliably and torque-free in accordance with relevant standards when required. Since the logic voltage is maintained when STO is triggered, time-consuming referencing after restarting is also eliminated. Thus, a high degree of safety is achieved with a high degree of efficiency.

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