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An aging population, a growing burden of disease, continuous development of new clinical applications, and global advancements in the standards of disease prevention, early detection, diagnosis and treatment.


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5 Considerations to Optimize Frameless Motors in Aerospace & Defense Applications

From design through deployment, a successful aerospace and defense program depends on efficient prototyping, cost-effective production and reliable supply. For these reasons, engineers prefer to specify motors that are readily available and affordable. Yet commercial off-the-shelf motors may not always meet the demands of stabilized platforms and actuators that must perform flawlessly under the most extreme conditions.


Evolving the Rules of Inertia Matching

The accepted principle of matching motor to load inertia is no longer pertinent with today’s faster processors and advanced control algorithms.

MSA Safety Info

Take advantage of the FieldServer Multi-Protocol Versatility

The MSA FieldServer family of gateways, routers, and cloud solutions enables integrators and system providers working on facility or building automation projects to efficiently complete their projects without surprises.

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