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CEA-Leti Announces 17 Papers to Be Presented At Photonics West 2021 and a Virtual Workshop on March 25

CEA-Leti, a technology research institute of CEA Tech, will present 14 papers during Photonics West 2021, March 6-11, including an invited paper, "Advanced roughness characterization for 300mm Si photonics patterning & optimization".

CEA-Leti Announces 17 Papers to Be Presented At Photonics West 2021 and a Virtual Workshop on March 25

In addition, the institute will host a virtual workshop, "Emerging Photonic and Integration Technologies for Healthcare" on March 25.

The one-hour event will explore coming innovations in photonics, and will include virtual stands where participants can discuss their innovations. Group-and-private chat networking will be available through text, video and audio chat.

Photonic Workshop Presentations

  • CEA-Leti's vision on bioelectronics Emmanuel Sabonnadière, CEO
  • New therapeutic approach for Parkinson's disease leveraging NIR light Cécile Moro, Clinatec Project Manager
  • Computational microscopy for health applications Sophie Morales, Head of Imaging Systems for Biology and Health Lab
  • Emerging sensors tackling environmental and medical challenge Bertrand Bourlon, Head of the Optical Sensors Lab
  • The rise of quantum photonics computing and communication Ségolène Olivier, Quantum Photonics Program Manager
  • Toward deep electronics and photonics integration Fabrice Guellec, Head of Smart Integrated Circuits for Imaging Lab



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