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Meeting the needs of the professional display market

P-series from Tianma provides display solutions for industrial and medical applications.

Meeting the needs of the professional display market

Tianma P-series TFT display modules now available from Review Display Systems

Display solutions and embedded systems provider, Review Display Systems (RDS) has announced the introduction of a new range of TFT display modules from leading global display manufacturer Tianma. The P-series (Professional series) has been designed and developed to meet the demanding needs and requirements of the industrial and medical display markets.

Delivering exceptional optical performance and consistent, reliable operation, the Tianma P-series features a number of key attributes including:

  • high contrast ratios and black level uniformity
  • long-life, high brightness backlights
  • wide viewing angles and sunlight readability
  • high resolution, LVDS interfaces, wide operating temperature range
  • robust and ruggedised construction for high reliability
  • projected capacitive touch options

These key features ensure that Tianma P-series TFT displays will meet and exceed the specific needs for display-based human machine interfaces in a diverse range of industrial applications such as factory automation, marine, avionics, mass transit, agriculture, construction, and medical diagnostic equipment and patient monitoring systems.

Justin Coleman, display product manager, RDS said, “Many display manufacturers are focussed on the high volume, OEM market, so it is great to see a leading display manufacturer such as Tianma developing and supporting display panels that are dedicated for use in industrial and medical applications. With industry leading optical performance and a commitment to continuity of supply we anticipate developing many new design-in opportunities with the new Tianma P-series TFT displays.”

The Tianma P-series will be available in three performance grades: Advanced, Basic and Entry.

Advanced displays will offer excellent image quality due to a wide colour gamut, excellent black level uniformity, high contrast ratios, wide viewing angles and high pixel densities. The Basic displays will be able to meet standard specification requirements for the industrial market and offer a good performance versus cost ratio. Entry level P-series displays are intended to provide a cost-effective solution for price sensitive applications.

Tianma are also able to effectively control manufacture and supply of the P-series display with TFT LCD production, display module assembly and the addition of PCap touch sensors all performed in-house. This enables Tianma to actively support long term manufacturing with the P-series production displays available for a minimum of 5 years, and typically for 7 years or more.

Tianma’s existing legacy TFT display modules, including several TM-series and all NL-series products, will be migrated into the new P-series product line-up.

The Tianma P-series TFT LCD display modules are now available immediately from Review Display Systems.


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