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Conveyor lane diverters maximize downstream production resources

Robinson designs production configurations that utilize trapped space.

Conveyor lane diverters maximize downstream production resources

Production automation in today’s tight labor market is a crucial aspect in your ability to maximize throughput. Conveyor lane diverters, such as the Servo Sweep Laner by Robinson, play an important role in helping you maximize the equipment, space and personnel on your production floor.

Conveyor lane diverters work with assets such as motor driven roller conveyors to control the flow of product through your production process. Gates or arms direct product into the appropriate lane for downstream management. This enables your team to minimize or maximize product accumulation as desired for your specific process.

Robinson’s process design and automation experts work with customer teams to build conveyor lane diverters into existing systems as well as create product handling processes from scratch. Ensuring that conveyor lane diverters communicate effectively with the rest of your equipment is a key element in the overall success of your production process.

Servo Sweep Laner is a unique conveyor lane diverter
The Servo Sweep Laner is an example of a conveyor lane diverter our team originally designed as a solution for handling wet nonwoven clips. The challenge with nonwoven clips is if they are too dry, gated conveyor lane diverters tend to separate the layers into a shingled stack. If the clips are too wet, they have a tendency to suction down to the conveyor surface.

The technology we designed into the Servo Sweep Laner takes gates out of the process and replaces them with overhead sweeps. Instead of swiping the clips into a new lane, the overhead sweep gradually guides them in a new direction at the same speed the product is moving through your system.

The result is a process that can effectively run at speeds as high as 600 clips per minute without losing the integrity of the stack. This particular conveyor lane diverter lends itself to flexibility in your floor configuration, allowing you to utilize trapped space and maximize square footage. Just as important, the relatively low number of moving parts in the Servo Sweep Laner makes for a low-maintenance production floor asset.

Our team designs conveyor lane diverters for a wide range of industries and applications. Robinson can create a solution for your product handling challenge.


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