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TREND Networks Release New OTDR Testers

FiberMASTER series: Affordable equipment for testing, troubleshooting and certification of FO cables now available on the Conrad Sourcing Platform.

TREND Networks Release New OTDR Testers

Now available on the Conrad Sourcing Platform: TREND Network’s compact FiberMASTER touchscreen OTDR series in quad mode, multimode, single mode and PON versions.

  • FO cable testing and certification
  • Compact design, easy to use, straightforward data evaluation
  • Low purchase and operating costs

For more than 30 years, TREND Networks have been based in Oriskany, New York, developing new FO and OTDR testers in their in-house R&D facilities. The new FiberMASTER series comprises seven affordable product types designed for troubleshooting and certifying FO cables. Among them are four handheld testers available in quad mode, multimode, single mode and PON versions. This high-performance equipment designed by a company specialising in FO technology is now supplied by Conrad’s sourcing platform.

Must-have for ICT and Building Services Engineers
“We are really happy about how well we’ve been collaborating with Conrad over the past years,” explains Tim Widdershoven, Marketing Director at TREND Networks. “Which is why we are excited to release our latest products, giving professionals from across the ICT and Building Services sector even more choice now.” Fibre optics (FO) are the backbone of fast data transfer. OTDR equipment is used for testing, troubleshooting and certifying FO cables. It enables fault-finding in, and the certification of, FO and connectors in networks totalling a length of up to 256 km without interfering with the ongoing data transfer.

TREND Networks Release New OTDR Testers

Compact and Easy to Use
“One of the stand-out features of the FiberMASTER OTDRs is their compact design,” says Susanne Storch, a test equipment expert at Conrad Electronic. “In fact, these products are among the smallest testers on the planet.” Despite their diminutive size of just 17 x 10.5 cm, these testers feature a touchscreen with a user interface designed in a way that makes using the display as easy as it gets. Setting up and taking readings is equally straightforward which reduces the risk of measurement errors significantly. Getting to grips with the equipment takes basically no time at all. Moreover, the products offer excellent value for money which enables issuing the equipment to a much larger number of employees.

Robustness and Performance
TREND Network’s OTDR equipment is protected by a ruggedised housing and packs plenty of state-of- the-art technology which enables testing of long cables and PON systems, and ensures high data accuracy even when checking out high-loss fibres. The dynamic range for multi-mode FO is 29/20 dB, and 37/38 dB for single-mode. The according OTDR attenuation dead zones are 1 m and 5 m, respectively. This results in outstanding accuracy which makes the products an excellent choice for installation and troubleshooting tasks. All testers allow selecting wavelengths between 850 nm and 1625 nm, and have a connector jack for the FiberMASTER video inspection probe.

Certification and Verification
All FiberMASTER OTDR series products have been approved by GHMT AG, an independent test lab and certification body based in Germany. Reading accuracy is based on MDBF, complying with Telcordia GR 196 regulations. Moreover, the OTDRs have been specially designed for Tier-2 FO cable certification. To prevent configuration errors, tests can be carried out choosing either TIA, ISO, IEC or IEEE standards. The products also come with free CertSoft reporting software that creates PDF files to enable straightforward data evaluation.

Detailed information about the FiberMASTER series is available here


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