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Rolls-Royce supplies large-scale battery storage to Semper Power to stabilize the Dutch power grid

Rolls-Royce has been awarded to supply and install a large-scale mtu EnergyPack QG battery storage system on a turnkey basis to the Dutch energy company Semper Power in Vlissingen. The order also includes general contractor services, as well as the construction of the building and other infrastructure.

Rolls-Royce supplies large-scale battery storage to Semper Power to stabilize the Dutch power grid
  • System with 60 megawatt hours of storage capacity supports utility grid and integrates renewable energy sources
  • mtu QG EnergyPack system in Vlissingen will be largest battery storage facility in the Netherlands and one of the largest in the EU

Semper Power develops and operates energy storage systems for wind and solar farm developers, distribution grid operators and industrial customers.

The large-scale battery storage system, with a capacity of 30 megawatts and a storage capacity of 60 megawatt-hours, is used for grid frequency regulation in the Netherlands to integrate electricity from renewable energy sources into the public grid. When fully charged, the system has the capacity to supply 8,000 households with electrical energy for an entire day. The mtu QG EnergyPack storage solution from the Rolls-Royce business unit Power Systems consists of 168 battery units, 7 inverters and the intelligent control platform mtu EnergetIQ. When commissioned in spring 2023, it will be the largest energy storage system in the Netherlands and one of the largest in the EU.

"We see it as our task to accelerate the energy transition. We do this by using energy storage systems that store sustainable energy in times of surplus and release it when the market needs it. We are delighted to have found Rolls-Royce as a partner who, with its high-quality solutions, is pulling in the same direction as us," explained Dennis Schiricke, CEO SemperPower B.V.

Rolls-Royce has recently started supplying mtu EnergyPack QG large-scale storage solutions to go with its battery container solutions. These consist of modular units for capacity and power and can be flexibly configured to any size. The components include integrated battery cabinets and the intelligent control system mtu EnergetIQ. They are mainly used for grid services, energy trading and the integration of renewable energies. Due to their modular design and high energy density, they can be flexibly adapted to project-specific services and capacities. The mtu EnergetIQ control platform ensures optimum performance and flexibility.

"With our new large-scale battery storage systems that support the integration of renewable energy sources into the power supply, we are taking another step with our customers towards net-zero greenhouse gas emissions. We are very much looking forward to working with Semper Power on this," explained Andreas Görtz, President Sustainable Power Solutions at Rolls-Royce Power Systems.

Semper Power, based in Utrecht in the Netherlands, develops, finances and operates energy storage projects in various areas in the Netherlands. The company offers wind and solar farm developers, distribution system operators and industrial customers the opportunity to install and operate a smart energy storage system and provide capacity and supply contracts.


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