Industrial wireless radios offer a reliable solution for Tecnorulli warehouse automated handling system

Holding and moving heavy metal tubes is not an easy task for automation engineers. Holding and moving heavy metal tubes… in narrow rows of automated warehouses… at high speed… is even… worth! Tecnorulli decided to go wireless for such types of applications. The wireless option faced issues due to the environment itself (everything is made of metal in the warehouse) and more over, the moving parts, the carriages which are navigating through the aisles for depositing and/or taking material from the shelves and rows, are themselves made of metal. In short, the RF environment is some of the worth you can imagine for robust, safe, and reliable wireless applications. Nevertheless, Tecnorulli wanted to overcome the challenge and decided to go wireless , with one objective: improve quality and response time to better serve their customers. ProSoft Technology’s RadioLinx industrial radios were the key to resolving the communications difficulties Tecnorulli was facing in its automated warehouse.

Tsubaki Kabelschlepp

ESD cable carriers

When manufacturing and processing electronic components, electrostatic discharge (ESD = ElectroStatic Discharge) presents a serious hazard for the sensitive electronics. In addition, the increasing miniaturization of semiconductor components means even greater sensitivity to ESD.

SOURIAU – SUNBANK Connection Technologies

Nuclear connectors Website


PDP: a new concept in Drive Engineering

The new PDP is a cost effective solution for high precision rack and pinion applications.



The FLOWAY dual-flow air handling unit is a plug and play ventilation appliance designed to renew the air inside buildings by introducing outside fresh air, in accordance with the RT 2012 regulations. By optimizing the thermal cycle recovering heat from the extracted air and by using the new CIAT HEE (high energy efficiency) fans, FLOWAY reduces energy consumption by 40% compared with previous solutions. Its range of sizes and configurations makes it suitable both for new systems and for the renovation market.

British Steel

More than 50 modular platforms in operation across Europe

After the West Coast, South Wales and Thames link projects with installations in Mill Hill and Backfriars, England, Corus Rail has just installed its first modular platform system in France, in the Paris suburb of Mitry Claye. With more than 50 modular platforms in operation across Europe, Corus has become a major player in the market. The main advantage of the Corus system is that its design allows the majority of the installation work (including foundation construction) to be done behind a safety fence and away from operating railway. This means that the railway does not need to close during the majority of the work, resulting in obvious cost savings due to a lack of disruption to train service.

Ingersoll Rand

PH30F, 2:1 Diaphragm Pump

The ARO Fluid Technologies business of Ingersoll Rand expand its ARO EXP Series portfolio of diaphragm pumps with a three-inch ported 2:1 High Pressure pump. Available in Stainless Steel, the PH30F is the ultimate solution for applications that require the transfer of viscous or high-solids fluids at pressures exceeding 6.9 bar. Ideal applications include filter press water removal, ceramic slurry injection, and resin transfer.

SOURIAU – SUNBANK Connection Technologies

Lightweight hermetically sealed connectors with copper contacts

SOURIAU announces the availability of hermetically sealed connectors with aluminium and titanium bodies and copper alloy contacts, using a unique ceramic-to –metal sealing process developed by its subsidiary Pacific Aerospace & Electronics (PA&E). SOURIAU thus enhances its offer by providing a very wide range of lightweight hermetically sealed circular connectors, with weight savings of up to 60%, and including the only hermetically sealed optical fiber connector in the world. This connector line is primarily designed for onboard aeronautical and space applications.

Keyence France

Keyence vision systems speed up pharmaceutical product marking and improve its reliability

GlaxoSmithKline, wanting to improve the manufacturing processes at its Evreux factory, needed to upgrade the vision system for its high-throughput marking lines. The previous system required deactivation of automatic checking, forcing the factory to rely on inspection by the operators. The Keyence solution is showing itself to be not only reliable but also substantially less expensive than that of its competitors.



A new range of comfort units, Major Line available from stock in more than 50 versions, providing cooling capacity from 700 W to 9 kW according to Eurovent ratings. Its resolutely modern styling is a perfect match for all types of interior and its energy consumption is on average 20% lower than that of previous-generation models.

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