MR7000 – Marking and reading solution

The MR7000 is a complete solution for micro percussion marking, Data Matrix™ codes as well as reading Data Matrix™ codes. It provides high-precision marking complying with standards in affect in the aerospace, defence, automotive and other industries.

Keyence France

VHX-1000 digital microscope

Performance, productivity and user friendliness.

HMS Industrial Networks AB

Single Chip CANopen Interface

Embedded CANopen interface reduces development efforts up to 70%.


Flowform screws

Arnold Umformtechnik, a manufacturer of intelligent joining solutions and a development partner for the automotive and electrical industries, developed Flowform® screws in response to the increasingly complex requirements for sheet metal joining. These trilobal (triangular) screws utilise the technology of flow-hole forming in the fabrication process. Flowform is a cost optimised solution that offers higher process reliability for threaded fastener joints and considerable advantages over alternative sheet metal joining methods: ease of loosening, accessibility, positioning, reassembly with threaded fasteners, freedom from fabrication residues.

NORD Drivesystems

SK 500E: compact, flexible configurable control cabinet inverters

Six sizes of the NORD SK 500E series control cabinet inverters are available, with outputs from 0.25 kW to 22kW. Once the output range has been set, whether the basic model or a fully-equipped package of functions, the external dimensions of the unit are identical. Especially for conversions or extensions of functions, the uniform space requirements regardless of the options selected makes life easy for users.

HMS Industrial Networks AB

Profinet Gateways with integrated 2-Port Switch

HMS extends its gateway family with 3 new versions enabling easy integration of existing fieldbus networks into new bus type wired Profinet installations



GRAVOGRAPH, the world leader for laser engraving solutions, announces the launch of its new laser solution for marking on metals and plastics: the LS100EX YAG. Made up of a platform that can house an object with a maximum volume of 610 x 305 x 145 mm, coupled with a YAG 12W source, it presents the particular advantage of being able to mark hard or reflecting materials (black or stainless steel, etc.) as well as classic materials. The LS100EX YAG is aimed at applications involving personalization of objects (business gifts, trophies, etc.) and technical marking applications for industrial parts (tools, name plates, instrumentation, metal parts, etc.).

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