Eplan Operational Sequence module: documenting operational sequences better

Knowing the sequence of operations is always helpful, especially in machine and plant design and the programming of their control systems. ‘Eplan Operational Sequence’ now documents the functional timeline of a machine/plant by using convenient process descriptions. You have the choice between a functional diagram or a GRAFCET standard. PLC programmers will benefit from the seamless documentation, controlling the interactions of actuators and sensors.


TriPress and LocTec: Innovative Joining Systems Provide Effective Protection Against Disassembly and Theft

New secure joining systems provide maximum security – Cannot be dismantled using conventional means – Reduce costs by eliminating supplementary assembly and security material – Ensure easy interchangeability with existing joining systems


EPLAN Pro Panel 2.1.: Panel layout in XL

What started with high-performance 3D mounting layout turned into an integrative "XL engineering solution" for enclosure layout. Design, 3D layout, production and mounting merge to form an integrated solution – plus more added-value.

HMS Industrial Networks AB

HMS extends network connectivity for CAN-enabled devices

Extended release of the Anybus® Communicator CAN™ enables CAN-devices to be connected to CC-Link, ControlNet, Modus RTU, EtherCAT, Modbus TCP and Profinet IRT.

NORD Drivesystems

Pinions Instead of Belts

Gravel plant cuts costs and reduces maintenance expenditures by using geared motors. In many gravel pits, stone crushing plants and similar operations, motive power for conveyor belts is provided by shaft and belt drives. Until recently, this was the situation at the gravel plant of NorStone AS in Tau, located in the southwest region of Norway. Recently NorStone, a subsidiary of HeidelbergCement AG, decided to change to robust geared motors. This option promised lower investment costs and increased operational reliability, along with better process security. Reduced energy consumption thanks to higher efficiency was also anticipated.


ProSoft Technology® Announces new Smart Switch Functionality for RadioLinx® Industrial Frequency Hopping Ethernet Radios

RadioLinx Smart Switch intelligent routing technology enables true peer-to-peer wireless Ethernet communication. When coupled with the Industrial Frequency Hopping Ethernet’s 1.1 Mbps data rate capabilities, the Smart Switch radios from ProSoft Technology provide best-in-class performance for any application.

Westermo Teleindustri AB

Westermo device server switch provides IP connection to legacy serial devices and routing functionality

Westermo announces the release of its Lynx DSS compact device server switch for connecting legacy serial control and telemetry systems to the latest IP networks. With low data rate serial communications being replaced by higher bandwidth IP networks, the Lynx DSS helps to preserve any investment in existing systems, add functionality by supporting new equipment that requires additional bandwidth, and ensures trouble free industrial communications for many years.

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