VERLINDE hoist for helicopter dummy

Danish Crane Building A/S, DCB, has supplied a crane equipped with a VERLINDE EUROBLOC VT3 hoist for a helicopter dummy, which the Martec training centre has currently installed in the indoor swimming pool in Sæby, Denmark.


STAGEMAKER hoists for the Eurobasket 2011

Baltic Load Lifting Company, BLLC, has installed 4 STAGEMAKERs hoists in the newly builtd arena in Kaunas city, Lithuania, dedicated to lifting the scoreboards.


FAULHABER DC-Micromotors Series 3272… CR

In launching Series 3272… CR, FAULHABER has set a new standard within the category of DCMicromotors with graphite commutation. Incorporating premium-quality materials and produced with the help of cutting-edge process technology, the highly robust and durable miniature drive boasts torque of up to 120 mNm while measuring just 32 mm in diameter and 72 mm in length.


K3X 8 Five: Very high performance 5-axis machining centres

As the table on this new generation “8 Five” is inclined in a 55° plane (instead of 45°), negative machining angles of up to -20° can be reached. Consequently, the angle of the spindle axis in relation to the table ranges from 0 to 110° compared with 90° for the previous generation.


FIBROMAT Heavy-load positioning table

Especially for car body assembly applications in the automobile industry, rotary table specialist FIBRO has developed a modular heavy-load positioning table that positions large and heavy parts or equipment quickly and precisely.


VERLINDE EUROBLOC VT for the automobile industry

SOMIRAM, a VERLINDE lifting equipment integrator, has developed two new hoisting units for PSA Peugeot Citroën using standard VERLINDE EUROBLOC VT components.

Keyence UK

XG-7000 Machine Vision System – Ultra High Speed, Flexible Image Processing System

The Latest Keyence Machine Vision System is without doubt the most complete vision system on the market. Already at top performance levels for speed, resolution, stability and the range of software tools, the XG-7000 Series can now also be programmed in a PC environment. The Controller houses a powerful image processing platform dedicated to avoiding problems of overloading and maintainability commonly found with conventional PC System. This vision system combines flexibility, stability, and performance with simplicity. Thus, it can be used by all, for all applications.

Keyence UK

VHX-1000 Digital Microscope

High-Performance with Precision Measurement

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