“Productive” Investment in the future

New Center of Excellence GBS Göppingen offers the very latest, comprehensive, industry-based CNC training.

Keyence International

VHX-1000 Digital Microscope

High-Performance with Precision Measurement


Eaton Catalogs in the App-Store

The new Eaton Catalogs App for smartphones and tablets includes the current Eaton Main Catalog, the brochure “From Lean Connectivity to Lean Automation” and the latest issues of the Eaton SOLUTIONS customer magazine.



ELECTROLEVAGE, a company using VERLINDE hoists, has installed an overhead monorail fitted with a VERLINDE EUROCHAIN VL10 electric chain hoist in the Manufacture des Orgues Thomas workshop in Belgium. The installation is used for the assembly of organs that can weigh up to 25 metric tons.

Icon Polymer Group


Silentbloc UK, part of polymer technology solutions provider Icon Polymer Group and a major supplier into the Spanish rail sector, has won a prestigious award from Siemens for its work with the company in the rail sector in the UK.


PKE 65 Motor-Protective Circuit-Breaker with Electronic Wide-Range Overload Protection Extends the PKE Range.

As one of the leading manufacturers of components and systems for electrical engineering and automation, Eaton is now offering new PKE 65 motor-protective circuit-breakers with wide-range overload protection. Electrical motors currently in operation come in a wide range of different variants. In the majority of processes their particular features enable them to determine production efficiency. A motor fault often not only jeopardizes the device, but also prevents a smooth production process and causes costly downtimes. Motor protection is therefore not only essential from a technical point of view but also from a financial perspective.


SmartWire-DT Now Also for Ethernet/IP and Modbus-TCP.

As one of the leading manufacturers of components and systems for electrical engineering and automation, Eaton is now offering a new gateway for SmartWire-DT in order to connect to Ethernet IP and Modbus TCP. The innovative SmartWire-DT communication system for networking control circuit and switching devices can now also be connected to controllers via an Ethernet/IP or Modbus-TCP network. This is made possible thanks to the new EU5C-SWD-EIP-MODTCP SmartWire-DT gateway which comes with a 10/100MBit switch and simplifies the configuration of linear structures.


New radio standard with longer-range wireless connection

The steute business field »Wireless« is continuing to expand the number of possible industrial applications for its innovative »energy harvesting« radio technology. steute is introducing a new radio standard which, has the advantage of a longer-range wireless connection. This makes it possible to operate wireless switchgear at ranges of up to 700m outdoors, without an energy supply. The radio protocol uses the 868 MHz waveband, or 915 MHz in the North American version. The 915 MHz version is certified in accordance with FCC and IC; CSA/UL certification is in preparation.

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