The EQUIBLOC AIR range of pneumatic load balancers for loads of from 70 to 350 kg offers an even wider range of load hoisting and handling solutions for industry.


Fastener Express: effective rapid prototyping concept

Fastener Express closes the gap between development and regular production. With its Fastener Express method, for the first time Arnold Umformtechnik offers designers an end-to-end concept that allows highly complex fastener components and precision parts to be developed quickly as prototypes and manufactured later as production-ready parts with the same technical properties and cost-effectiveness for large volume production.


Maplesoft and VI-grade partnership makes real-time modeling applications more cost and time-effective

Maplesoft™ and VI-grade announced a partnership that brings together the modeling strengths of both companies, enabling users to increase the scope of their solutions and improve the flexibility of their design models. The partnership will see the integration of MapleSim™ models with the VI-CarRealTime framework.


Eaton easy800 control relays with Smart Wire-DT: Wiring, programming and commissioning controllers quickly and efficiently

As one of the leading manufacturers of components and systems for electrical engineering and automation, Eaton's Electrical Sector is now offering the easy800 control relay with Smart Wire-DT: The easy800 family is being extended with two new devices which offer the features of the easy800 control relay on the one hand and the connection to Smart Wire-DT on the other. Instead of connecting the switching device inputs and outputs to the controller in the conventional manner, the new switching devices are connected to Smart Wire-DT (SW-DT). Up to 99 Smart Wire-DT slaves with over 160 inputs/outputs can be connected to the two new devices for the adequate control of small or medium-sized machines. Both devices (EASY80x-DC-SWD) come with a serial interface as standard for programming or connecting a remote display such as the Eaton MED-Titan multi-function display (MFD-CP4 plus MFD-80-B).


VERLINDE hoist for helicopter dummy

Danish Crane Building A/S, DCB, has supplied a crane equipped with a VERLINDE EUROBLOC VT3 hoist for a helicopter dummy, which the Martec training centre has currently installed in the indoor swimming pool in Sæby, Denmark.


STAGEMAKER hoists for the Eurobasket 2011

Baltic Load Lifting Company, BLLC, has installed 4 STAGEMAKERs hoists in the newly builtd arena in Kaunas city, Lithuania, dedicated to lifting the scoreboards.


FAULHABER DC-Micromotors Series 3272… CR

In launching Series 3272… CR, FAULHABER has set a new standard within the category of DCMicromotors with graphite commutation. Incorporating premium-quality materials and produced with the help of cutting-edge process technology, the highly robust and durable miniature drive boasts torque of up to 120 mNm while measuring just 32 mm in diameter and 72 mm in length.


K3X 8 Five: Very high performance 5-axis machining centres

As the table on this new generation “8 Five” is inclined in a 55° plane (instead of 45°), negative machining angles of up to -20° can be reached. Consequently, the angle of the spindle axis in relation to the table ranges from 0 to 110° compared with 90° for the previous generation.

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