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ANDRITZ introduces single-motor pusher centrifuge ecoOne

International technology Group ANDRITZ has launched the ecoOne, a new pusher centrifuge based on the proven Krauss-Maffei pusher centrifuge technology and with a powerful single motor fulfilling multiple functions.

ANDRITZ introduces single-motor pusher centrifuge ecoOne

While traditional centrifuges have separate pusher and drive motors, the ecoOne pusher centrifuge has only one motor for both functions, thus significantly reducing installed power and power consumption. Pusher centrifuges with two motors generally only require the full power of the drive motor during the start-up process, and the drive motor usually operates at partial load during steady state operation. Conversely, the pusher motor runs at virtually no load during machine start-up because there are no solids in the machine yet to be pushed. Hence, the pusher motor does not operate under load until stationary operation begins.

The ecoOne technology allows the reserve capacity available for pushing to be used for accelerating the basket during the start-up process, while the reserve capacity available for the start-up process can be used for pushing during stationary operation. This results in significantly lower installed power and a motor that operates in the optimum efficiency range at all times. Total power consumption is thereby reduced by around 10 to 20%, while the installed power is reduced by around 20-40%. Furthermore, the new high-pressure pushing system cuts hydraulic fluid use by up to 40%.

The ecoOne pusher centrifuge features innovative ANDRITZ technologies such as the GentleFeederTM wear-reducing feed system, the PreFiltration technology for integrated thickening as well as the unique ANDRITZ cartridge technology to reduce downtime. With this system, the entire rotating unit can be pulled out of the centrifuge in one piece without having to detach the machine’s pipework, with the result that operations are generally down for less than a single shift.

What’s more, the baskets in an ecoOne pusher centrifuge are designed so that the centrifuge can easily be converted from two-stage to three-stage design and vice versa. This gives the centrifuge unrivalled flexibility because the design can be adjusted as upstream requirements change or if the centrifuge is used for campaign-based operations.

Suitable for bulk chemicals, technical salts and agrochemicals as well as plastics production, the latest ANDRITZ innovation retains the reliability and washing efficiency of traditional pusher centrifuge technology while increasing energy efficiency, flexibility, and ease of maintenance, thereby reducing operating costs and downtime. In addition, the weight of the ecoOne pusher centrifuge is significantly lower and its space requirement and environmental footprint are substantially smaller than those of previous generations.


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