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8D Double Flange

SOURIAU’s secure PCB connection for hostile environments, its 8D Double Flange (38999 Series III) enables the panel fixing to be separated from the PCB connection. This is an elegant, robust, high-performance solution for connecting up PCBs in boxes whilst retaining all the flexibility of a standard interface.

SOURIAU – SUNBANK Connection Technologies

853 KV Engine Connector Class

KV class connectors are the perfect answer to the high-vibration and high-temperature (260°C) requirements encountered in aircraft engines and other harsh operating environments. In addition, the trend in aviation to minimise weight and to optimise the ergonomics of wiring harnesses make KV class connectors the perfect solution with their integrated backshell. It is because of these special features that the KV class is the solution adopted for new engine developments.

SOURIAU – SUNBANK Connection Technologies

ELIO® AQ - Adaptor Size 8 for ELIO® Contacts

ELIO® AQ is a metal adaptor for ELIO® optical contacts, for size 8 Quadrax cavities. It enables a standard ELIO® optical contact to be inserted into the size 8 Quadrax cavity of several connector types. The ELIO® AQ adaptor is already available for connectors in the MIL-DTL-38999/EN3645 series III, ARINC 404 and ARINC 600 ranges. All insert arrangement types with a size 8 cavity can thus be fitted with a fiber optic connection using the ELIO® optical contact.

SOURIAU – SUNBANK Connection Technologies

The SOURIAU High Density (HD) range

Derived from the AerioMil MIL-DTL-38999 and VG96912 standards, Souriau’s HD range, based on a standard design, was specially developed to withstand the harshest operating environments (shock, vibration, high temperature etc.). By doubling the number of contacts for each size of connector, Souriau HD is the response to the increasingly stringent demands of weight and size reduction.

SOURIAU – SUNBANK Connection Technologies

Power offer for D38999 Series III*: power interconnection for harsh operating Environments

The new Souriau product range for power interconnection includes three shell sizes (19, 23 and 25) with silvered contacts able to handle currents up to 800 amps. The design of these connectors is built around the use of Souriau’s Series III inserts and shells. This pedigree results in unrivalled performance under extreme temperatures and vibration, due in particular to the use of the ratcheting system and materials used and qualified for D38999 applications.

SOURIAU – SUNBANK Connection Technologies

Quadrax Contact: Ethernet and broadband networks for harsh operating Environments

Souriau has developed and released gauge #8 quadrax contacts which have demonstrated in an operational environment that they are compatible with communication protocols requiring up to category 6. These protocols include those for the flagship quadrax application which is, of course, Ethernet in harsh operating environments.


New Switch-Disconnectors for Photovoltaic Applications up to 1500V DC with Rated Operational Currents up to 1600A

As one of the leading manufacturers of components, systems and solutions for electrical engineering and automation, Eaton’s Electrical Sector or is launching new DC-Switch-Disconnectors. The constantly growing requirements placed on the efficiency of PV installations require operating voltages above the previously usual limits of 1000 VDC. Eaton has consequently further developed its proven DC switch-disconnector product series. Switches for up to 1500V DC with rated operational currents up to 1600A are now available. Switches and accessories are now suitable for ambient temperatures up to 65°C. Typical applications for example are switch-disconnectors in generator terminal boxes, as well as isolating main switches that are suitable for use as maintenance and repair switches on the incoming side of the DC/AC inverter.


BPS: New pressure sensor family from Balluff

Balluff introduces BPS, a newly developed series of pressure sensors with IP 67 protection for use in gaseous and liquid media. The rugged devices feature a high-quality, long-term stable ceramic load cell and an especially attractive price/performance ratio, simple installation, high operating comfort and high preci-sion. A large, bright and easily visible display ensures immediate status overview. This shows not only the current system pressure in bar, mbar, PSI and MPa, but also features fast and simple configuration of the sensors according to the VDMA standard, using 2 keys and intuitive menu guidance.


XF510m: a single marking machine for all types of materials

Technifor can offer an electromagnetic micropercussion marking solution for use on all materials. The micro-impacts produced on the material surface using a carbide tipped stylus create a lasting mark, without creating stress or chippings. This new machine is the result of the process to optimise the Technifor range, adding a powerful electromagnet combined with an optimal guide system to produce marking of remarkable precision and quality.

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