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More than 100 km of track are equipped with Silent Track system

The SilentTrackâ noise damping system, developed by Tata Steel, has been installed to date on over 100km of railway track worldwide. For each installation, the system is specifically adapted by Tata Steel engineers to maximise effectiveness for a client’s track and operating environment. Recent international installations including Oslo, Sydney and the Rhine Valley, have demonstrated the high levels of noise reduction obtained with this approach, and the flexibility of the SilentTrack® system.


Universal combinations: Speed Controller Series SC 5004 and SC 5008

FAULHABER is adding two new Speed Controllers to its controller range. The PI Controller series is software-configurable – so no need for trimmers or DIP switches – and can be operated with one and the same controller, either as brushed direct current motors (DC) or electronically commuted drives (BL), also with integrated Hall sensors. Depending on the operating mode, the speed can be controlled to between 50 and 60,000 rpm.


Cleancon: Innovative cleanliness concept for fasteners compliant with VDA 19

The VDA 19 guideline and the ISO 16232 standard define new requirements for the automobile industry for verifying technical cleanliness. To fulfil these requirements, manufacturers must identify and quantify any particle contamination that is present. The Cleancon® cleanliness concept from Arnold Umformtechnik goes a step further and provides a process that encompasses cleanliness requirements all the way from production to the customer application.


Learning to walk faster with high performance modelling

A project using MapleSim physical modelling software, at the University of Manchester, is helping to perfect the process of humanoid walking in robots. One of the challenges facing the Manchester team, lead by Dr Martin Brown and Dr Gustavo Medrano-Cerda, is visualising experiments quickly and effectively, to avoid slowing down the process and to ensure that experimentation is valid and relevant.


Thread forming slashes costs by 88%

Taptite 2000® generation of thread forming screws combines efficiency advantages with process reliability. A total cost saving of up to 88% can be achieved in threaded fastener assembly.


The CIAT Group launches its latest expert brand: CIPRIANI HEAT EXCHANGERS

Cipriani (CIAT Group) is proud to present its complete range of Gasket Plate Heat Exchangers (GPHE) manufactured in its state of the art factory in Verona, Italy. Cipriani heat exchangers are specifically designed and manufactured for a wide range of fluids and utilities and HVAC applications in the pharmaceutical, chemical, marine and utility sectors. With capacities ranging from 20 to 800 m3/hr, Cipriani can satisfy the needs of a vast number of Fluid Heat Transfer applications.


Keypad access controller for industrial equipment

The Southco Membrane Keypad Access Controller is suited to the specific needs of industrial equipment, such as medical enclosures and server racks.


Building Automation: ProSoft Technology® becomes the exclusive provider of SlotServer Communication Modules, manufactured by FieldServer Technologies

ProSoft Technology®, a leading provider of industrial network communication solutions, announces its appointment as the exclusive provider for the SlotServer product line, manufactured by FieldServer. The SlotServer products provide in-rack connectivity between the Rockwell Automation® ControlLogixTM control platform and an array of Building Automation Systems and Fire Alarm Control Panel protocols.

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