ICONICS Achieves Highest Level of BACnet Compliance

ICONICS, a leading developer of Building Automation, Energy Management and Sustainability Software solutions has been certified by the BACnet Testing Laboratory (BTL) to the highest level of BACnet compliance, the B-AWS profile. ICONICS GENESIS64™ software is the first 64-bit product to achieve this listing. The GENESIS64 Building Automation and Energy Management software solution has native support for many standards and protocols, including BACnet, OPC, OPC-UA, SNMP, Modbus, Web Services, SQL and ODBC and integrates with all building systems including HVAC, data centers, electric metering, cogeneration, lab systems and many more.


VERLINDE SA certified ISO 14001 – 2004

At its Vernouillet, France, production plant, Verlinde SA has introduced an environmental management system in compliance with standard ISO14001-2004.


Ultrasonic technology for a range of applications

Level control in a water tank is one of the classic applications for ultrasonic sensors. A sensor in a M30 sleeve can measure heights of four or six meters without any problems. If the pump is controlled by means of a PLC, sensor installation is limited to mounting and wiring the sensor to the controller. The measured value is transmitted via IO-Link or analog output and processed further in the controller.


Two Brussels construction sites equipped with Verlinde hoists

As member of the Europont network, the Belgian firm Cluma provides an integrator service for lifting and handlng products manufactured by Verlinde.In the context of two public sector construction sites, one before the European Parliament and Council and the other in the suburbs, Cluma has supplied gantry cranes fitted with hoists to two consortiums: THV Leophat and THV Watermaal-Bosvoorde. In both cases, civil engineering is at the core of the contracts, one involving the road tunnel under Place Shumann before the European Parliament, the other the building of a rail tunnel to speed the link between the European quarter and the airport.


VERLINDE and SERE MAINTENANCE fit out "The Machines de l’île"

"The Machines de l’île" is an entirely new cultural and entertainment project. François Delarozière and Pierre Orefice are the originators of the project, a blend of Jule Verne's "invented worlds", the mechanical universe of Leonardo da Vinci and the industrial history of Nantes in the West of France at a former shipyard turned into an amazing leisure and cultural centre. SERE maintenance has installed a number of VERLINDE hoists and suspended crane kit components to lift the various assemblies and installations.


BMF 243 - tiny switch with integrated bracket

Binary-switching, magnetic-field sensitive, electronic cylinder switches of the BMF series from Balluff impress with precise and bounce-free switching response, simple handling and universal use. With the BMF 243, the sensor specialist has now rounded off its product line with magnetic field sensors for space-critical applications.

HMS Industrial Networks AB

Anybus CompactCom expanded!

High performance, real-time industrial Ethernet, and multiple form factors (Chips, Bricks and Modules) are key elements of HMS’s new, expanded Anybus CompactCom offering. The new generation provides device manufacturers with full solution flexibility.

NORD Drivesystems

Easy-to-use distributed frequency inverters: Configuration and diagnosis of NORD's SK 200E series via a system bus

SK 200E frequency inverters from NORD DRIVESYSTEMS are equipped with a proprietary system bus that allows for user-friendly, cost-efficient wiring in the field. Connected to the fieldbus or an Industrial Ethernet system via a bus technology unit that acts as a gateway, the system bus can link up to four frequency inverters. Thus, four drive units are connected to the higher-level communication system at one single point. All data is thus available at every diagnosis interface, i.e. users can access all data sets from every device connected to the system bus via RS232 interfaces at both the inverters and the technology unit.

Keyence UK


This new series has been designed to address the problems users are having with safety light curtains. Unique and strong design, quick and easy installation, and yet the highest level of security is provided.

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