Somec, on behalf of Dalkia, its parent company, manages the district heating system and the distribution of domestic hot water (DHW) in the Val Fourré neighbourhood at Mantes la Jolie in the French administrative department of Yvelines. The new biomass he

Dalkia operates district heating installations most of which run on gas, recovered energy by-products, heavy fuel (sometimes combined heat and power systems [CHP]) enabling the resale of electricity to electricity distributors. The company decided to build a new heating system at Mantes la Jolie using biomass as fuel. Biomass is untreated wood that is chemical-free (no painted or varnished wood) and shredded and calibrated for size and moisture content. This fuel source is derived from shredded wooden pallets, lopped off branches in the town environment and green waste and branches from neighbouring forests. This material, unusable for the wood transformation industry, is collected within a radius of 80 km around the Val Fourré heating facility.



A supplier of building equipment for construction companies, Sateco is a leader for the design, production and marketing of concrete forming and safety equipment for construction and civil engineering sites and has 2 profit centres (Sateco BTP and Sateco services). But SATECO is also an experienced mechanized welding specialist at the service of major accounts (RATP-BOMBARDIER-OTIS –etc.). SATECO has 2 production plants each relying on Verlinde hoists for handling heavy and cumbersome products.


SUNON releases the first LED downlight with integrated fan

SUNON has unveiled the first LED downlight to feature an integrated DC fan. Designed for the private-home market, this two-in-one product is particularly cost-effective thanks to its fan, which cools the LED light and results in as much as 70% less energy consumption. SUNON'S LED downlights with integrated fan are also easy to install and maintain, and have a particularly small form factor.


Rexroth Pneumatics Becomes Aventics

Standalone presence of a well-known team in the pneumatics market - Change of ownership: A new standalone company has been created out of the former pneumatics business unit at Bosch Rexroth. - The new name is Aventics and combines the terms: Advantage, Invention, and Pneumatics. - The company announces improved productivity and efficiency thanks to innovative products, system solutions, and services. - In addition to proven products and markets, new industries will be addressed, including heavy industry and medical technology. - New product: The AV valve series with a new diagonal design concept based on high-performance polymers.


New Code Readers Open up Wide Range of Applications : reliable readings on reflective surfaces using polarization filter

A new series of camera-based code readers now comes equipped with special polarization filter technology, which significantly expands the devices' application area. This is because the barcodes and Data Matrix codes are often located on shiny, reflective surfaces, which can significantly interfere with the read operation. The new code readers are reliable at suppressing these kinds of reflections and even enable fast, reliable readings on metallic material.


Active cooling solution for LED lamp

Sunon’s active cooling solution, relying on DR Maglev motor fans, is four times more effective than passive cooling. The Sunon active cooling module, with its unique flow path design directs cool air to critical areas, decreases the temperature of power components, and extends overall LED life. For 400W high power LED lighting, size and weight are reduced up to 90%! More than 50 active cooling solutions are provided to better fit with each client application need.



Exlar announces the Tritex II™ Series electric actuators, offering up 1500 Watt, AC powered operation and digital position control within a single, space-saving housing. These actuators combine a brushless servomotor with either rotary or linear (output) actuation, assembling all elements into a compact, sealed housing for demanding environments. With their built-in mechanical converters, Tritex II actuators eliminate the need for traditional ball screw or gear reducer mechanisms—they incorporate all the required position control and power electronics into the actuator itself, providing a complete system solution. This design additionally eliminates the inconvenience and expense of an external servo amplifier and cables, which are often required with typical servo systems.

Bureau Veritas

Bureau Veritas and LM Wind Power join forces on certification of wind turbine blades

Bureau Veritas, a global leader in testing, inspection and certification, has announced the signing of a framework agreement with LM Wind Power, the world’s leading supplier of components and services to the wind industry. The framework agreement covers the certification of wind turbine blades to international standards.

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