A new Tension Leveling Line to be supplied to GARMCO - Bahrain, by REDEX – France

A new contract has been signed between Gulf Aluminium Rolling Mill Company (GARMCO) and REDEX in early May 2011 to supply a modern high performance Tension Leveling Line for aluminium strip, including the complete design, manufacture and commissioning at GARMCO’s plant (Manama - Bahrain). As one of the major parts of GARMCO's ambitious investment program, this REDEX Tension Leveling Line is intended to improve the global plant capacity and to ensure the highest level of quality, especially in terms of flatness and cleanliness, for aluminium strip from 0.25 to 3.2 mm thickness.


ROBA®-linearstop: A safety brake for dynamic linear-motion braking actions

Most of the brake elements available on the market today work purely as clamping units. They are only designed to secure the axes at a standstill, and are not suitable for dynamic braking procedures. The ROBA®-linearstop, however, is a fully adequate safety brake according to the Trade Association testing requirements. It enables reliable braking of axes in motion.


EPLAN Data Portal 2.0

Maximum speed and easy searching and finding are the main advantages of the new EPLAN Data Portal which already includes data for more than 120,000 devices. Users benefit from access to the latest, up-to-date data which can be more quickly and easily integrated in engineering using the new EPLAN Platform 2.0.

Westermo Teleindustri AB

Westermo industrial Ethernet switch reduces the stress for ABB Force Measurement

ABB FM (Force Measurement) is using Westermo’s Redfox industrial Ethernet switch with its latest version of Stressometer system for measurement and control of rolling mills. The implementation of the Redfox Industrial device has helped to reduce the number of data communication products needed from six to one, simplifying the system and lowering costs.

British Steel

Blackfriars Station to be the first SilentTrack® installation in the UK.

The SilentTrack® noise damping system, developed by Tata Steel, has been installed to date on over 120km of railway track worldwide. It will be installed in the UK at Blackfriars station as part of work to ensure that the enhanced Thameslink Route still complies with noise legislation despite the increase in rail traffic.

HMS Industrial Networks AB

New gateway from HMS enables CAN-devices to connect to industrial networks

The Anybus® Communicator CAN™ is a new protocol converter from HMS Industrial Networks. The gateway enables communication between any industrial device with a CAN interface and industrial networks such as Profibus, Profinet, DeviceNet, EtherNet/IP, EtherCAT or CANopen.


Eaton Completes the Integration of Moeller with Product Branding and New Packaging

Eaton is about to complete the integration of the Moeller Group acquired in 2008 with changes to its products and packaging: From July 1 Eaton will start to replace the Moeller logo with the Eaton logo on all products and packaging. These changes in the product range will be completed over the course of 2011 by the planned completion date of January 1 2012.

HMS Industrial Networks AB

New Anybus CompactCom module connects devices to BACnet/IP

HMS Industrial Networks now releases Anybus® CompactCom™ for BACnet/IP – a network communication module which can be embedded into air conditioning equipment, pumps, ventilation devices etc. in order to enable communication with the BACnet/IP network.


Southco enhances its range of bow-to-stern access solutions to meet increased demands and growth of boat industry

According to Lucintel research, the global boat market is expected to grow to $ 27.8 billion by 2015 with a CAGR of 8.9%. This research also reports that much of this growth will come from the Europe and Asia Pacific regions, as sales will be bolstered by continued economic growth in these regions. In terms of specific boat building industry trends, the research states there is an ongoing shift in product mix toward larger and expensive boats.

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