Diodes Incorporated News

High-Frequency 100V-Rated Gate Driver from Diodes Incorporated Raises Power Efficiency While Saving Board Space

Diodes Incorporated (Nasdaq: DIOD) has introduced the DGD0579U high-side and low-side gate driver. This high-frequency device, which has a built-in bootstrap diode, is capable of driving two N-channel MOSFETs in the half-bridge configurations that are commonly used for motor control and DC-DC power delivery functions.

CP Automation news

Reading between the limits

CP Automation offers compact and versatile power analyser range.

Exel Composites News


While 5G technology is undoubtedly improving global connectivity capabilities, it has led to challenges for telecoms equipment manufacturers because of the demands imposed by its operation.For example, the frequencies used with 5G raise to much higher than with 4G and those signals cannot easily penetrate some materials and can be easily obstructed, which has led to signal attenuation issues.

Safran News

Safran and Engie New Ventures invest in Ineratec, a German startup specializing in carbon-neutral synthetic fuels

Safran, through its Safran Corporate Ventures investment arm for high-tech startups, has teamed up with Engie New Ventures, Engie’s venture-capital subsidiary dedicated to innovative startups accelerating the energy transition, and with other partners—HTGF, MPC Capital, Extantia, Planet A and FO Holding—to invest in Ineratec, a young German firm offering technologies for the development and production of carbon-neutral synthetic fuels that could replace fossil fuels.

Weidmueller News

u-control web with container technology from Weidmueller for more flexibility in industrial applications

With increasing digitalization, automation systems also need to become increasingly powerful and more flexible. Modular control systems such as u-control web can take on both automation tasks and IIOT tasks.Thanks to modularity and the use of newly integrated container technology, u-control web provides the best prerequisites here.

Hypertherm News

Hypertherm announces new names for its HyPrecision and Echion waterjet pumps

Hypertherm, a U.S. based manufacturer of industrial cutting systems and software, today announced a new name for its HyPrecision and Echion waterjet pumps. It is rebranding these market leading intensifier-based pumps as DynaMAX to unify the naming of its intensifier pumps.

DIMO Maint

Elkem Silicones organises multi-site application maintenance around DIMO Maint MX

A global leader in silicone, Elkem Silicones offers a comprehensive range of technologies to different specialist markets in multiple fields including aeronautics, automotive, construction, consumer products, energy, healthcare, stationary, personal hygiene and textiles.

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