Dormakaba News

The checkpoint of the future

dormakaba joins partnership to develop self-screening security gates at US airports.

Weidmueller News

Cable assembly, easy and efficient

With the partial automation of work steps, time-intensive work such as the processing of cables can be carried out more efficiently. The new CUTFIX PRO as a purely electrical driven machine is supporting the semi-automatic cable confectioning in terms of cutting various conductors. Robust and compactly built, it fits on a single DIN A4 page and features fast processing times and flexible application options. It can cut conductors to length with the cross-section range of 0.08 mm2 to 10 mm2 (AWG 40-8) or an outside diameter of up to 8 mm.


Mount a Motor and Gearbox to a Rollon Actuator With Ease

At first glance, choosing an actuator comes down to whether the unit can deliver the necessary performance to meet application requirements.

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