Rohde & Schwarz

Rohde & Schwarz adds new frequency ranges to its portable all-rounder spectrum analyzers

New base models for the portable R&S FPL1000 take spectrum and signal analysis capabilities up to 26.5 GHz. They combine the functionality of benchtop instruments and the portability of a handheld instrument, with intuitive features to make high performance measuring on the go fast and simple.

Omniflex News

The importance of signal conditioning in industrial processes

Almost 150 languages are derived from Latin. But despite similarities in form, differences in letter combination mean this isn't sufficient to enable interlanguage comprehension. The same goes for processing plants; converting signals generated in the plant into an understandable form for control systems is a challenge. The answer? Signal conditioning.

Renesas News

Renesas Expands Satellite Communications Portfolio with Industry’s First Commercial Dual-Beam Active Beamforming IC Lineup

New F61xx ICs Deliver Low-Power, High-Integration for Phased Array Antennas in Satcom, Radar, and Point-to-Point Communications Systems. Featuring best-in-class power consumption, noise figure, compact size and ease of integration, these new ICs are a critical enabler of next-generation, low-latency electronically steered antennas for in-flight connectivity (IFC), maritime, satcom-on-the-move, and low earth orbit (LEO) ground terminals.

CloudRail News

SPS 2021: CloudRail opens up to any edge gateway devices

Since its founding in 2018, CloudRail has become a market leader in connecting factories to the cloud for large Industrial IoT (IIoT) projects. The Mannheim-based company now has strong partnerships with the two largest cloud providers, AWS and Microsoft Azure, as well as numerous leading system integrators such as Capgemini, BearingPoint, Bechtle, and many more.

Faro News

“Superpower” Boost: The Dynamic Duo of Laser Trackers and the 6DoF Probe

Across Japan and Asia at large, one pop-cultural superhero franchise stands above the rest: Ultraman. Created in 1966, Ultraman and his crew of “Ultras” have achieved Superman-like status. And like the Man of Steel, they share much in common. Superman can shoot laser beams from his eyes while Ultraman has his Specium Ray. Superior strength and stamina are a given for both. They also each possess super vision – the ability to see objects beyond the visible spectrum of light.

IDS Imaging Development Systems GmbH

Robots on their own

Fully automatic picking of unknown products from bulk material

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