Klauke News

With Klauke you're on the safe side

Safety is one of the most important aspects in all areas of life.

Mouser News

Inverters – Getting the Right Voltage

Renewable energy must provide high-quality power if it is to become a suitable alternative to fossil-fuel sources. A smooth and ideally seamless transition from fossils to renewables, transparent to end-users is needed. Both types must be able to coexist.

Siemens News

Toyota Industries Corporation and Siemens cooperate on digital transformation for die casting

To support their goal of manufacturing quality parts, Toyota Industries Corporation and Siemens have cooperated to develop artificial intelligence (AI) that can predict product abnormalities in aluminum die casting, a key process in automotive air conditioning compressor production.

Bunting europe News

Rare Earth Roll Separator for University of Birmingham

The University of Birmingham has purchased a laboratory-scale Rare Earth Roll Separator for their School of Metallurgy and Minerals lithium-ion battery recycling research facility. The high-intensity magnetic separator enables the separation of very weakly magnetic particles.

Acceed News

Compact AI platform for mobile use

Applications based on innovative AI technology are becoming increasingly popular and finding their way into numerous industrial areas. With the AI platform NRU-120S and integrated Jetson AGX Xavier module from Nvidia, the German distributor Acceed offers a cost-efficient solution for future AI edge computing applications.

Thomson linear News


Thomson Industries, Inc., a leading manufacturer of linear motion control solutions, has announced the availability of a 48-volt option for its Electrak HD electric actuator. The added voltage capacity designed into this actuator provides motion control designers with new flexibility in integrating heavy duty actuators with onboard electronic systems that draw less current.

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